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Working your way around Australia is a wonderful way to explore this amazing Island Continent.

Whether you are looking for urban bustle of the cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne or preferring the outback setting of one of the myriad of rural opportunities, Australia is certainly as diverse as it is big.

Medical Locum Australia not only embraces this attitude, we actively seek to ensure that not only are our staff given every opportunity to explore Australia, but that our clients also have access to the highest quality of medical staff ensuring all of our communities are supported.

With so many locations on offer you will be spoiled for choice. Medical Locum Australia provides a comprehensive service to the whole of Australia.

This means the Public as well as private health service.
Therefore, should you prefer the cities then we have the jobs for you. You may need to get away and take up a relieving position on one of Australia’s island communities—the choice is truly yours.

What you do have is a team that have travelled extensively throughout Australia and will be able to advise you on what each position offers.

The easiest and fastest way to register with Medical Locum Australia is to register online.

Registration is free.

Once registered with Medical Locum Australia doctors will receive regular information about locum jobs.

Additional benefits of locuming

As a locum, you will sometimes be eligible for additional benefits, including:

* Return travel from your home
* Accommodation
* Hire car or use of hospital vehicle
* Reimbursement of reasonable expenses (taxi, meals, etc)
* Paid travel time

These benefits vary from employer to employer, and will be part of the negotiation we carry out on your behalf before accepting the position.

Medical Locum Australia - Australia’s favourite recruitment agency for Locum and Permanent employment solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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We are a friendly medical locum service dedicated to assisting doctors, health professionals, hospitals and practices in finding the work / cover that they need.

We supply and recruit medical and allied health personnel Australia wide.

We can supply medical recruitment at all levels-and most disciplines. Whether you need cover for short or longer term needs, or to fill a permanent position, Medical Locum Australia can help.

Positions arise Australia wide in metropolitan areas as well as country and rural regions.

Our friendly and experienced staff will offer you a personal service to specifically meet your needs.